How To Track My Kids Phone

To all parents there will always this worry that something worse can happen to your kids while they are at school or out with their friends? What happens if they are kidnapped or got into an accident? This lingering feeling can best be reduced by the use of technology. By giving your kids a phone you can actually track them wherever they are. There are many methods to this. For this post I am going to list down some of the apps for tracking your kids.

Find iphone apps
This simple little apps that need to be downloaded from Apple store is quite handy in tracking where your kids location. The advantage is that it can pinpoint directly the location of your kid device. However, it only tells you where your kids are at the exact time but not previous locations.

SeekDroid enables you to manage your device remotely. Once you have installed Seek Droid, you can locate your device, remotely lock it, see all the recent calls since you misplaced it, and even wipe the device with little effort.

GPS Tracking Pro
This app is available for Android and can be find in Google Play store. It tracks the kids cellphone using GPS similar to the Find Iphone apps.

Find My Kids Footprints
This app is arguably one of the best app to track the whereabout of your kids. It just not tells where they are but also where they have been before. It gives you the footprint of your kid and where they have been previously. It can also set perimeter fence and will alert you if your kid have breach outside the perimeter area.

Amber Alert GPS
This is a product by itself and arguably the best devise in terms of protecting your kids from harms and danger. It uses GPS and it comes with a monthly subscription fee but it comes with extensive features. It also equip with SOS button in case your kid are in danger. Another advantage is that you can also track your kid through your computer.

This is another interesting app that uses GPS technology and helps keep track of your family. It allows for your family to check-in on certain places and alert you that they have safely arrived to their destination. You can practically see all of your family location in a map. Your family locations are kept in private and they also let you chat with your family as well.

Privacy Vs Smartphones

With the advancement of the cell phone technology, it now becomes mandatory for people to bring their cell phone to wherever they are. It lets you to be in a mobile mode and do activities that were once the domain of desktop computer such as surfing the internet, sending emails or reading ebooks.You can also find locations through your Google Map or GPS, and at the same time listen to your favourite music.

But this technology advancement comes with a price. You are no longer entitled to your privacy and your little precious smartphones are emitting signals telling where you are at that exact time and place. You are being spied and you are ok with it. When you carry your cell phone, the GPS chip inside your phone will always be sending signals to third party through Wifi or phone network. This signal tells exactly where you are. That’s why certain apps requires you to allow sharing of location for it to function. Be careful also to install certain apps that even share your location without you giving the permission to do so. The authority now does not need to put bugging devices to track people, knowing only your phone number is enough to track you down. With some apps installed that track downs your preferred routes, preferred locations to go to, and also where you usually shop, it is not possible that someone higher is monitoring your lifestyle and determine whether you are a threat to the nation or not.

Triangulation method to locate cell phones

As covered in previous posts, there is a specific method of locating your cell phones through the triangulation method. What is the triangulation method? If you have seen many CSI episodes, you probably have an idea what the method is all about.

It is basically the method of determining the cell phones location by measuring the angles to it from identified known points or a fixed baseline. By referencing the speed of radio signals, the distance and location from the unknown point can be estimated by identifying three to four known points. The known points can be where the antennas for the cell phone operator is mounted. The first known point identifies the distance to the cell phone. The second known point then narrows down the location to two points. The third known point is then used to identify the exact location of the cell phone. Basically the concept is narrowing the exact location of the cell phone by eliminating the large area of a certain location to pinpoint location by using three filters or three known points. Two direction lines define a point area and the third line defines the exact location.