Find My Droid

Android phone are sometimes also known as droid phone. As Droid based phone are getting more and more popular nowadays, some people could not live without having his or her Droid phone close nearby. But how do you find your Droid if it got lost? But even with the all the security features set in the droid, sometimes the owner will misplaced the Droid phone and it is hard to find it.

The normal method people are using is just to call the lost phone from another phone and to find it once it is ringing. But, what if it is on silent mode? Devices nowadays are interconnected with the internet far more than before. With people now having more and more gadgets that they own, it is highly likely that these devices use some of internets cloud services. Due to the smart nature of an Android phone, there are several apps that you can use in this type of situation. If you own an Android phone and somehow was stolen or lost, you can use the Android Device Manager or in short ADM. The Android Device Manager basically shows where the location of your Android Devices in a map. There are also some apps that can be used to find your droid. Some of it is Plan B. Plan B will automatically detect the location of your phone and send an email to your Gmail telling the location. If you want to track it again, just borrow your friend’s phone and try locating your phone from there. It is a very simple step and would make sure you can trace your phone again.

Android Phone Tracker

Are you looking for the best Android Phone Tracker? In this post we will list down several Android Phone Tracker Apps that is available in the market. These apps can be downloaded free of charge and also some of the apps can be downloaded with some fees.  Below are the apps I considered as the Top 3 apps that you can use to track your Android phone.

Where’s My Droid

Probably one of the famous app in terms of locating your Android phone in the market. By using this app, you can track it through email or also text messaging. It can also give you the GPS coordinate that can be link to the Google Map. You can give the app a passcode protection to avoid any unauthorized app changes. The app can notify you if there is any changed in SIM card or also phone number. With extra features in the pro version, you can use the app to take pictures, remotely lock the device and also remotely wipe the SD card and phone data if you lost your phone.

Plan B

The interesting feature of Plan B is that you can remotely install it to your phone even after you have lost your phone. So, if you are not the type of person who took precautious before you lost your phone, this app is recommended. Plan B utilizes near cell towers and also GPD to locate your phone. Each time it is activated, it will keep updating the phone’s location every 10 minutes. You can activate the locating process by sending a text to your number via any other phone.


With Seekdroid app you can locate and find your device by remotely enabling its GPS and it will display its location on a map with history. You can also activate the phone to give audible alarm even though it is set on silent mode. You can also use this app to set a fenced area and it will quickly notify you if your phone leaves the designated fence area. You can also disable the App from being uninstalled. If your phone got stolen, you can remotely wipe the entire phone and SD card so that your personal data will not get into the wrong hands.

Tracking Your Phone Using Location-based Services

The Computer has evolved from the Mainframe Computing created in 1960s to Desktop Computing in 1990s and finally it is now evolving to Mobile Internet Computing. This was made possible because of the significant increase of computing power and also the miniaturization of some of the electronic components. The next decade will see the rise of mobile computing where smartphones and tablets are becoming much affordable.

We will witness more hardware and software being developed to further assists people in terms of connectivity and mobility. Social Media will benefit from this as flux of information will be channelled through this medium. One example of a Social Media platform who has taken advantage of this is the Foursquare app. Created in 2009, the app serves as a Location-based Social Networking platform for mobile device users. Users can check-in their current location or places of hangout and in the same time give reviews of the place or product. Users can also use this app to connect with friends nearby. As technology for Internet mobility becomes much more sophisticated, it is expected that a number of Location-based Social Media platform will also be developed.

Some of the famous location-based services are the Foursquare apps, Loopt and Google Latitude gives you real-time location to friends that decided to share their location with families and close friends. In the same time, this apps also share the information on the location their friends or families are such as the restaurants they are dining or the place they are hanging out. There are also hardware tools that are created such as Phone Halo Protect Tracker – Black that will help you to locate your phone based on sensor technology.