Remotely Erase Data on Your Phone

When you lost your cellphone, usually the first thing you will realize is all the valuable data that is in your phone. All the pictures, text messages, contacts and also notes will be gone together with your phone. This is where sometimes your private pictures and also confidential data can be in the wrong hands. The impact of this event would be huge. However, with the advance of smartphones and the application that comes with it, you should not be worry as you can remotely wipe off your data inside the phone and avoid it being used by unscrupulous people.

If you own an iPhone, you will see that there is the Find iPhone icon in your device that is already pre-installed. This app will be helpful if your device get lost. First, you will need to go to Log in with your Apple Id and choose the Find My iPhone icon. You will need to enter again your password. Choose the All devices and then click on your device that was lost. Then choose the erase device. That will trigger the cleaning of data process. However, if your phone is offline, the moment it is back online, the wiping off the data will start. For Android users, Google now has a service called the Android Device Manager. This also works similar to the Find My iPhone in which it can help you in wiping off the data on your lost phone. It will reset your device to its factory settings remotely. First you need to go the Google settings in your app and click on the Android Device Manager. You will need to allow the phone for remote lock and factory rest. After all you need to do is to sync your smartphones with the Android Device Manager online. Just go to Once synced, you can easily wipe off your cellphone data by choosing the setup lock and erase function.

Track My iPhone Without App

People who purchased iPhone will automatically be given an app call Find iPhone. This app however can only be downloaded once you have set the settings of your iphone through iClouds. But what happens if you have not installed this app and unfortunately lost your iphone. Can you track your iphone without a helpful app installed that will help you when you need it the most. The first option would be to use the imei number registered to your phone. It is a unique number for each iphone that is manufactured. In case if you have not jotted down the imei number, do not panic. The iphone box that comes together when you bought the iphone usually has the printed imei number somewhere at the back of the box. You have thrown the box away? Now it’s time to panic. No, Just Kidding.

Another best option is to check your Gmail account or any email that has been configured to your iphone. The last recent activity in the Gmail account usually will show the recent activity of the email used in the iphone. This includes any time the mail was accessed using a web browser, POP client, mobile device and also other third-party application. The account will also list the IP address that accessed the email together with the location and the time and date. You can access the Google account at The informations gathered are useful for you to track your phone. However, it is advisable that you give the information to the police as it will be quite dangerous if you try to locate the phone yourself but it is in the wrong and dangerous hands. But what if you also did not configure your iphone with an email? The last alternative would be to hope that the person who stole your iphone will take a picture. It is even better if the person took a picture of himself with the iphone. The iOS 7 allows pictures taken to be synchronously updated with iCloud. You will instantly get the new pictures taken and also together with the information of the location of the picture is taken. This information can help a lot in retrieving back your iphone.

iPhone Can Now Track People

From the recent update of iOS 7 in iPhone, there is a feature added that can be used to track people. It is a feature that was incorporated in the compass app. The feature includes a Frequent Locations services. What will happen is Apple will collect the GPS coordinates obtained from the Frequent Locations shared from your iPhone to improve its Maps. The information is also used by Apple to improve the Geographical location from the resulting coordinates of your iPhone to for the improvement of Apple Maps.

The GPS technology that is embedded in the iPhone that helps you to navigate yourself to places is now also being used to provide data to Apple. However Apple does claim it collects the data based on anonymity. The problem with this is by giving your Frequent Locations to Apple, it is considered intrusive and also they will know where are your favorite hangouts or the usual place that you use to go. This data is very valuable to some companies and advertisers. They can collect the data and analyze the trend and also your lifestyle. It is interesting also that if the Government wants to keep track on some people and requested Apple to provide that information, will Apple provide the data? However you can choose to turn this off by going to Settings Privacy Location Services Frequent Locations and turn it off. However, if you decide to turn it off, your personalized location services settings for Find My IPhone will be automatically restored back if you set your iPhone to lost mode.