If you ever lost a phone or want to track a phone, one of the best apps in the market that can do just that is SeekDroid. Developed by GT Media, LLC and with a price tag of $4.99, the primary function of the apps is to locate your phone anywhere. The fee is a one-time payment only and there is no monthly fees needed. It can remotely lock your device and can even run without a SIM card. You can also remotely wipe the data off your phone once your phone is in the wrong hands. The true advantage of Seekdroid is the website support for the app in which you can login from the web and check the location of your phone as well as do other functions such as checking the most recent call made on the device. So, after you downloaded the app, you need to sign up for your account at SeekDroid website in which you must register your username and password.

Keep this information somewhere safe as if you lose it or forget about it, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. You will also need to sign up with a new registration at the website. The alarm function is also quite interesting in which you can remotely trigger the alarm to sound. This may be useful if you lost your phone somewhere inside your house and you want to find it quick. This function also can be used to annoy the crap out of the thief that stole your phone as the phone emits loud and irritating noise. Another big advantage that Seekdroid app has is the ability to hide the app from showing in your smartphone. This function is very critical as if your phone just got stolen, and the thief thinks he or she is clever enough to remove any tracking phone apps in the phone, he or she will never see the Seekdroid app as it is hidden mode. As long as it is on, you can track it using Seekdroid website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get SeekDroid  now for a piece of mind

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  1. My mobile was stolen in train at Bendra to Khar Road Rly, Station. White Sumgung dual sim : IMEI 352607/06/430034/2.

  2. Dear sir pl z. surcharging my maicromex indroid mobai IMEI NO 911418401226446

  3. I lost my Lenovo S650 near salt lake stadium, Kolkatta. Its IMEI number is-865277022351207. Kindly let me know if you are able to track it

  4. Dear Sir,
    Mobile Name : Phicom E653
    SIM – 1 IMEI :- 868333020364176
    SIM – 2 IMEI :- 868333020364184
    My Mobile No. 7047670669 PLZ ME
    My Friend Phone Chori Ho Gaya He PLZ Sir Chek The Mobile

  5. Hi My three phones have been stolen in Morocco :
    SAMSUNG GALAXY ALPHA : 355210062039207
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE : 3536210739211476
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 : 355847066851820

    could you please Help me find them ?


  6. Sir I have lost my Samsung galexy j5 mobile handset can u help me to find my sell phone and my cell phone
    Imei no :
    My new no is :8928672142

  7. my Intex aqua poower+ has been stolan 25/03/2016
    IMEI NO. IS 911442501272589
    If find then contact 09413142180

  8. I lost my Samsung galaxy S6 edge’s IMIE number is 352720075342821
    Please help me in finding my phone..
    Please reply…..

  9. I lost my cell phone Samsung Galaxy S5 IMEI Number: 353295060804472 on 6.9.2016 at Vellore. I would be thankful if my mobile is located for further action
    with the new sim number used in the mobile
    My contact Number: 09444413079

  10. My phone was stolen Sony xperia E3 on 4/9/2016
    Imei No 1=357669060962884
    Imei No 2=357669060962892
    Please track my device

  11. P.Ramani
    My phone model htc816g
    imei 1;356064065886467
    please track my device pls…..
    my cont number; 8098893689

  12. My name is deepak Kumar and my cell phone which company is Intex of AQUA CRAZE has stolen on 30 Dec 2016 at 11.10 PM …which imie is 911500052421085
    Please track my device pls
    Contact on 9721827076

  13. My name is p. Santhosh my phone was missing in Moto g turbo edition .IMEI no:352359071120855 pls find my phone help me
    Contact in 8940497032

  14. I have lost my VIVO1603 Y55L(FIRST)mobile phone . kindly help me to find the device
    IMEI no: 863599032266998.

    I have lost my VIVO Y27L(SECOND)mobile phone . kindly help me to find the device
    IMEI no: 867856027460853. PLLS HELP ME.
    My Email

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