What does GPS stand for and how it track your phone

If you are an avid user or just starting to use mobile devices and smart gadgets, you would probably be stumbling upon the famous used acronym GPS. So, what does GPS stand for? GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is basically a system that operates globally in which dedicated satellites are used to track the location of any GPS receivers and transmitters anywhere in the world.
GPS stands for Global Positioning System A signal is sent from the ground station or any GPS devices to the constellation of 24 satellites circumventing our earth. The smartphones nowadays are all embedded with a GPS receiver in which it can send signal as well as receive signal from the GPS satellite. Therefore, it can pinpoint the exact location of the devices equipped with the GPS wherever you are located in the world.

The accuracy of the position depends on many factors such as the weather and also if the signal are blocked by buildings, mountains and other tall structures.
GPS limitationsThe technology originated from the Cold War era and at that time, MIT scientists noticed the Doppler Effect from the Sputnik satellite orbiting the earth. The Doppler Effect can be used to determine a location by analysing its signal strength as the signal move or faded away. By using this concept, a location can be accurately determined.

The first ever fully operational GPS however was launched by the US back in 1989. Only in 1999, Benefon, a phone manufacturer first embedded the GPS into their phone. Since then, almost all smartphones now have GPS capability as mandatory in their phone as many applications used the GPS as input and output for their application and functionality. The GPS has enabled your phone to be track anywhere in the world as long as you enabled that feature in your smartphones.

How does GPS worksAs of the current progress, the US have launched 24 GPS satellites up into the orbit. With the solid GPS infrastructure laid in place, software and applications that have been developed based on this infrastructure and platform have also making great strides. There are now many real-time applications that can help individuals and businesses to make processes much faster and improve as well as assisting people’s daily lives. The GPS has now become a necessity as people becoming more mobile, the need to keep track location of people as well as assets is becoming crucial.

GPS applications The GPS or Global Positioning System has now laid the foundation for creative programmers and developers to create more innovative applications that utilizes the GPS and enhance the quality of our life.

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  1. My daughters new Nokia Lumia was stolen out of her house before she changed the sim card. Is there a way that you can trace it with the emie number only?

  2. Missed Date: 9th Feb 7:05 PM
    IMEI 1: 358949050286265
    IMEI 2: 358949050286273
    Serial No.: 6CY4044F4Q
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    Phone Model No.: HP Slate 6 Voice Tab 6001RA 16 GB / Graphite
    Email : Narendersingh2495@gmail.com

    Warm Regard
    Narender Singh

  3. Lost my galaxy s5 on Saturday night it contains important photos of my 2 children and past family as u can imagen im devostated as thats my memories ect I didnt have them backed up either
    it was a black samsung galaxy s5
    imei: 353726064771796
    Please help me locate it
    its last location was warrington/England do

  4. My Lost Phone OPPO Neo 3 Model OPPO R831K
    Imei : 355138044785276,355138044785268, please tracking 😀

  5. Hi on the 18 my son lost his phone at
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  6. I lost my microsoft lumia 650 Rm- 1154 Dual sim
    IMEI 356852070704782, IMEI 356852070704790
    please inform when it is traced

  7. hi i have lost my Samsung s -7562 phone on 19 /12/2016 EMI no -354905056952312 plz please inform me if you found any information on 8379857954

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