How to Locate Lost Cell Phone

Cell Phones are now becoming an integral part in our daily lives. This is due to the rapid cell phone technology that has evolved from a device that is just used for communicating to a smartphone that can be used for many purposes. As the cell phone become smarter, you will not leave home without it as it plays a critical function in many aspects of your life. A lost cell phone can be a nightmare to some users as many important data is stored in your cell phone and you will do whatever you can to locate the lost cell phone. However, the trends of people losing their cell phone is on the rise as they are bringing their cell phone now to anywhere they go. As the cell phone get cheaper and cheaper, the cell phone is now owned not just by adults but the kids as well. With the broad increase of demographic customer using the cell phone, it is no mystery that the trend of lost or stolen cell phone are increasing each year. It was reported that in average, 115 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the United States alone. However, there are many methods you can try to locate your lost cell phone. Below are some of the methods you can try.

1. Using Apps
With the sophisticated smartphones, there are many apps been developed in the market that can instantly locate your cell phone based on the GPS function. Almost all smartphones have GPS and this function enables the application to locate your cell phone via satellite and pin point the exact coordinate of your cell phone in real time. Among the reliable locater app that you can use are SeekDroid, Where’s My Droid, Plan B and also Prey.

2. Using Embedded services
If you are using Android based cell phone, the cell phone has already an embedded services via Google to locate your cell phone. You can use the Android Device Manager as a way to track where the last footprint of your cell phone is. The Google Android Device Manager is a very powerful tool in not just locating your cell phone but as well as knowing the location of your friends and loved ones.

3. Using Network Provider
If you have not installed any apps or your cell phone is not that ‘smart’, you can always rely on your network provider to do the locating activity. Your network operator has the data and information that you probably can rely on as they can help detect the signal of your cell phone to their nearest cell towers. By using triangulation of the cell towers, the network provider can more or less pin point the latest location of your cell phone.

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  1. my Infocus M2 mobile phone was stolen on 30.5.2015 ner katpadi railway station. the IMEI NUMBER IS 355716065578173. PLEASE HELP ME TO RECOVER THE MOBILE. Contact number 9994521987

  2. i lost the mobile on 1506/2015 from mulund Rly.Station. my IMEI NO . IS 356064063960856.Please help to such.

  3. samsung galaxy grand 2 my mobile have lost 29-6-2015
    IEMI NO. IS . -352116062487952/352117062487950
    CONTACT NO. 9953424347


  4. Sir this is urgent as I had personal things and accounts in my phone…. My imei no is 352168069794047

  5. please find my mobile nokia 130 imei number 355759066983422,355759066983430 contact my other number 03084297097

  6. sachin aldar on july15,2015 at 9:35 am said
    samsang galaxy 6102 my mobail missing
    IMEI NO. is 35 49 61 05 37 59 390
    IMEI NO. is 35 49 62 05 37 59 398
    my contact mo. 9921882389

  7. I hv lost my mobile phone M2 on 8th August 2015. The IMEI No.865346021332433.

    Pls advise the location & also the ph no active on the set.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. It has been 1 week now. Police was not getting any clues.. I have many imp things in my Sony xperia T2 ultra cellphone. Imei no is.351832060974673

    Plz track it as soon as..

  9. i have lost my honor 4c mobile on october on 16.please help me?
    my moble ime number is1) 866778024222089
    2) 866778024272092

  10. I have lost my Samsung S5 on 6th Dec 2015 in Munda, one of the town in Western Province, Solomon Islands. IMEI number: 353285064740080

    Would appreciate your response asap.

  11. Hi i have lost my Nokia Lumia 520. Please help me in locating my phone through IMEI NO: 354249064132827.
    Please contact me on: 9540235700

  12. I lost my MOTO G3 mobile @ Busstation. Porumamilla, Kadapa.
    IMEI : 355490066503073 / 355490066503081.

    Please contact me on 9940639455

  13. Two thief snatched my Sony Xperia Z2 mobile on dated 04-03-2016, my mob IMEI No. 352494062619332. Plz track it if possible, my contact no. is 9555604990.

  14. Two tthief snetech my phone plese help lme no.354470/07/624704/5* *354471/07/624704/3(8294947514 my contct no.)

  15. I lost my spice xlife 431q plz help me
    Imei no 911451150698119 and
    my contact no 8151081479

  16. sir I lost my samsung galaxy s3 neo mobile phones date26/05/2015 at palanpur banashkantha gujarat please sir help me. sir please find my mobile phone please please sir
    IMEI NO:352607/06/321011/2

    IMEI NO: 352608/06/321011/0
    Contact No: 8128906522

  17. sir I lost my lenevo a7000 mobile phone date 20/04/2016 at RK BEACH
    VISHAKAPATNAM please sir help me .sir please find my phone please
    please sir
    IMEI NO: 867930029826070

    IMEI NO : 867930029826088
    CONTACT: 8341779390

  18. SIR I p5l-gionee phone lost .
    Brundavan cotton mills (p)ltd unit-II lost date-23/5/2016 I am helpless plz help me sir.

  19. sir I lost my intex cloud gem plus mobile phones on 28/05/2015 at rajapalayam please sir help me. sir please find my mobile phone
    IMEI NO:911499750126247

  20. My samsung phone was stolen (SM G361 H)
    IMEI No : 352724075112937

    Pl help me to find it.
    contact +94 0774182798

  21. Kindly provide me the mobile no. using my lost MOTO E 2nd Generation mobile phone. Its IMEIs are : IMEI 1 : 353323068810588 and IMEI 2 : 353323068815587.


  22. My mobile phone has been theft from my home.please inform if any detail found.I request please contact-9582329032
    phone-Samsung Galaxy j-5
    and please locate my phone

  23. My Samsung phone galxi note -3 Lost on date 09-12-2016 Sahiabad railway station This IMEI No 351540060803731 Plz help me

    My Mobail No-9911501628

  24. i lost my MI note2 mobile please help me find it,IMEI:866392026012827
    & IMEI:866392026012835
    Please Help me
    Arun Kumar
    8434896248, 7677770289

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