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With the development of sophisticated smartphones and also more enhance mobile operating system, the ability to track your smartphones are getting less and less complicated. Gone were the days where once you lost your phone, there is minimal hope that you can ever get it back. With the addition of GPS technology in your smartphones, it opens up various functions and also inventions of new application based on this old technology. With GPS, you can get to where you want to go without getting lost, finding favourite restaurants and stores nearby and also for health reasons such as tracking your movement or daily exercise. With GPS also there are some apps that can now even track or locate the number that is calling you and get it located. There are several companies that are offering this services to track the phone number location for a fee such as LocAid (USA) or Bharatiya Mobile (India). There are also some applications developed by programmer to locate a phone number and this applications can be found in Google Play as well as Apple store.

However, if there is no commercial providers that are providing this services in your country, you can always check with your network operator for this services. The network operator sometimes charge a fee for this services or they can also provide it for free sometimes. The network operator can also track the cell phones by just using the IMEI number. This is due to the fact that each cell phones have a unique IMEI number in which it can be trace back to the nearest cell tower and also their GPS signals. The accuracy of this services to track a phone number to a specific location depends as many factors are involved. For instance, if a smartphone has enabled its Location Sharing or GPS settings, it may be possible to track the smartphones to its exact location. However, if the GPS is turn off, another way of locating that number is by using the Triangulation Tower method. The method of tracking the phone number triangulation is by using the nearest tower to the signal of the phone and through triangulation of signal strength with the three nearest towers, you can measure the nearest distance of that mobile phone and its location. However, not many countries offers the ability for any users to track a particular phone number locations. This depends on the seriousness of the government of that country to protect the confidentiality and privacy of its citizens. But with the social media age right now, the openness and lack of privacy some of this services are keeping the customers data, you can now even track a phone number location by using popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google Hangout. However, this highly depends on the setting of the social media users in which information that they want to be public and which is strictly on confidential and privacy basis.

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