Remotely Erase Data on Your Phone

When you lost your cellphone, usually the first thing you will realize is all the valuable data that is in your phone. All the pictures, text messages, contacts and also notes will be gone together with your phone. This is where sometimes your private pictures and also confidential data can be in the wrong hands. The impact of this event would be huge. However, with the advance of smartphones and the application that comes with it, you should not be worry as you can remotely wipe off your data inside the phone and avoid it being used by unscrupulous people.

If you own an iPhone, you will see that there is the Find iPhone icon in your device that is already pre-installed. This app will be helpful if your device get lost. First, you will need to go to Log in with your Apple Id and choose the Find My iPhone icon. You will need to enter again your password. Choose the All devices and then click on your device that was lost. Then choose the erase device. That will trigger the cleaning of data process. However, if your phone is offline, the moment it is back online, the wiping off the data will start. For Android users, Google now has a service called the Android Device Manager. This also works similar to the Find My iPhone in which it can help you in wiping off the data on your lost phone. It will reset your device to its factory settings remotely. First you need to go the Google settings in your app and click on the Android Device Manager. You will need to allow the phone for remote lock and factory rest. After all you need to do is to sync your smartphones with the Android Device Manager online. Just go to Once synced, you can easily wipe off your cellphone data by choosing the setup lock and erase function.

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  1. Please erase all my iPhone 5s data It has been stolen for a few days.
    IMEI– 013850006082435
    ICCID– 89014104276875318210
    Serial– C39MDQSJFF9R

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