Can You Track a Non Smartphone?

One of the advantages of smartphones is the GPS function embedded in the phones that enables apps to utilize this function for any location based activities. These include GPS mapping apps such as the popular Waze, Papago, Foursquare to name a few. There are also other apps that utilize this GPS embedded function to track the activities of the users such as apps for Jogging, running and other physical stuffs. With this function also, some apps can be used to track the phone once it got lost.

These apps include Find my iPhone, Seekdroid, Life360 and others. In addition, some client software or apps can track the smartphones by allowing cell identification through signal strengths via nearby cell tower. However, what if your lost phone is a non-smartphone? Would you be able to track a non-smartphone if it got lost? Based on current technology, the answer is no. Even with a cellphone number, normally it is quite hard to track it unless it is a number of a landline phone. There are a number of services in the internet that offers reverse phone lookup for a fee. This is where you give them the cellphone number and they will give you certain information with regards to the number but normally they will not be able to show the location of the phone’s number. As such, the mobile phone can only be tracked if it is embedded with the GPS chip. Other option would be to contact the network operator to know the location of the cellphone number. This is due to the fact that the signal received by the phone is communicated through cell towers that are owned by the operator. However, again, network operator would not disclose this information unless it is required through a police search warrant or government’s request. So for a civilian to track their non-smartphone, it is nearly impossible.

15 thoughts on “Can You Track a Non Smartphone?

  1. my samsung galaxy s dous s7562 lost on date 24th aug,2014 pl help me IMEI is 35830205185149 plz block this mobile

  2. on January 28, 2015 at 1:23 pm said:
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    Dear Sir,
    This is to report theft/lost of my mobile phone model samsung galexy core with IMEI No. 35971005943182 (or) 359711059431824, Sim – vodafone No. (9461228860) & 9928683608 8GB Memory Card also. I lost my mobile on 18 jan 2015 around 11 pm near lost on kishngarh bus stand dist ajmer Rajesthan. track my device and give me detail or block my IMEI pleas. thanks
    Looking Forward for your reply Sir 🙂

  3. I left my phone in the level 3 bathroom at the water tower place mall in Chicago it’s a Samsung freeform 4, not a smartphone, has a keypad, buttons “p” and “a” don’t work very well. Probably dead service is turned off. Looks tattered because it got ran over. I don’t know what the serial number is.
    Please help it has very important stuff on it.

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