If you ever lost a phone or want to track a phone, one of the best apps in the market that can do just that is SeekDroid. Developed by GT Media, LLC and with a price tag of $4.99, the primary function of the apps is to locate your phone anywhere. The fee is a one-time payment only and there is no monthly fees needed. It can remotely lock your device and can even run without a SIM card. You can also remotely wipe the data off your phone once your phone is in the wrong hands. The true advantage of Seekdroid is the website support for the app in which you can login from the web and check the location of your phone as well as do other functions such as checking the most recent call made on the device. So, after you downloaded the app, you need to sign up for your account at SeekDroid website in which you must register your username and password.

Keep this information somewhere safe as if you lose it or forget about it, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. You will also need to sign up with a new registration at the website. The alarm function is also quite interesting in which you can remotely trigger the alarm to sound. This may be useful if you lost your phone somewhere inside your house and you want to find it quick. This function also can be used to annoy the crap out of the thief that stole your phone as the phone emits loud and irritating noise. Another big advantage that Seekdroid app has is the ability to hide the app from showing in your smartphone. This function is very critical as if your phone just got stolen, and the thief thinks he or she is clever enough to remove any tracking phone apps in the phone, he or she will never see the Seekdroid app as it is hidden mode. As long as it is on, you can track it using Seekdroid website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get SeekDroid  now for a piece of mind

Cellphone as Small Tracking Devices

If you are a fan of spy movies, you will notice how the spies used very small tracking devices to track bad guys. In current reality however, most methods of tracking devices really depends on GPS technology. With the advance state of smartphones nowadays, you now can convert your cellphone into a homing device. Many smartphones today not just comes in big size but also some of it is produced in small compact size. Some of the examples of smartphones that are small are Sony Xperia mini, Samsung Galaxy mini 2 (108.99mm x 58.6mm x 12.3 mm), LG Optimus L3 (102.6mm x 61.6mm x 11.85mm) and HTC Explorer (102.8mm x 57.2mm x 12.9mm), to name a few.

These smartphones are small enough but still have certain smartphones function as they are powered by Android. Therefore you can leverage these small size smartphones as small tracking devices for tracking your family or friends. The next thing is to download an app that can track your phone accurately. One of my suggestions is the Seekdroid app. It cost around $4.99. Seekdroid has the feature of using a website to track your phone. Once you installed it, you need to sign up for the Seekdroid website where it requires you to have a username and password. Make sure you do not lose the username and password. However, there are still many free apps that can detect your phone that you can install. Google Map app can also be used as it utilized the GPS of your phone. After that, all you need to do is put this small smartphones inside a bag or any place hidden. Make sure you put it in silence mode and keep recharging it once a month depending on the phone battery that you used. And there you have it, a cheap alternative of a small tracking devise system that you can do it by yourself.

Can You Track a Non Smartphone?

One of the advantages of smartphones is the GPS function embedded in the phones that enables apps to utilize this function for any location based activities. These include GPS mapping apps such as the popular Waze, Papago, Foursquare to name a few. There are also other apps that utilize this GPS embedded function to track the activities of the users such as apps for Jogging, running and other physical stuffs. With this function also, some apps can be used to track the phone once it got lost.

These apps include Find my iPhone, Seekdroid, Life360 and others. In addition, some client software or apps can track the smartphones by allowing cell identification through signal strengths via nearby cell tower. However, what if your lost phone is a non-smartphone? Would you be able to track a non-smartphone if it got lost? Based on current technology, the answer is no. Even with a cellphone number, normally it is quite hard to track it unless it is a number of a landline phone. There are a number of services in the internet that offers reverse phone lookup for a fee. This is where you give them the cellphone number and they will give you certain information with regards to the number but normally they will not be able to show the location of the phone’s number. As such, the mobile phone can only be tracked if it is embedded with the GPS chip. Other option would be to contact the network operator to know the location of the cellphone number. This is due to the fact that the signal received by the phone is communicated through cell towers that are owned by the operator. However, again, network operator would not disclose this information unless it is required through a police search warrant or government’s request. So for a civilian to track their non-smartphone, it is nearly impossible.