How Mobile Number Tracer Works

Living in a mobile gadget and also wireless world nowadays, it is now become easier for tracking people to be done. A mobile number can be trace either through mobile phone tracking of also mobile positioning. Mobile phone tracking is done via GPS or Global Positioning System. The Global positioning is done through 27 Earth orbiting satellites that is constantly roaming our space. A GPS receiver that is normally installed in your smartphones will locate four or more of this satellite wherever you are currently located. The triangulation method is used here to triangulate your exact position. By triangulation with the satellites and also your smartphones, the GPS receiver will be able to tell your smartphone or the apps that is using the GPS data your exact location and the surrounding areas.

Example of apps that use the GPS data is like Waze, Papago and etc. other ways for tracking is through mobile positioning. It uses the same concept of GPS and that is triangulation method. However, instead of using the satellites, it uses radio towers closes to your phones for the triangulation. Your phone will emit a roaming signal to a nearby radio tower. The location of your phone is determined through how strong the signal is sent to each of the receiving radio towers. It is not as precise as the GPS but it does not require you to open any apps for it to function. So, based on these two methods, a mobile can be tracked where it is located to an exact location. The number that is being used by the mobile phone can easily be obtained by contacting the operator network and they will identify which radio towers is receiving the strongest signal from that particular number of the mobile phone. The triangulation method then is also used to determine which other radio towers is also receiving the signal. By calculating the strength and weak signal, they can obtain a rough estimate of the mobile phone location.

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