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People who purchased iPhone will automatically be given an app call Find iPhone. This app however can only be downloaded once you have set the settings of your iphone through iClouds. But what happens if you have not installed this app and unfortunately lost your iphone. Can you track your iphone without a helpful app installed that will help you when you need it the most. The first option would be to use the imei number registered to your phone. It is a unique number for each iphone that is manufactured. In case if you have not jotted down the imei number, do not panic. The iphone box that comes together when you bought the iphone usually has the printed imei number somewhere at the back of the box. You have thrown the box away? Now it’s time to panic. No, Just Kidding.

Another best option is to check your Gmail account or any email that has been configured to your iphone. The last recent activity in the Gmail account usually will show the recent activity of the email used in the iphone. This includes any time the mail was accessed using a web browser, POP client, mobile device and also other third-party application. The account will also list the IP address that accessed the email together with the location and the time and date. You can access the Google account at The informations gathered are useful for you to track your phone. However, it is advisable that you give the information to the police as it will be quite dangerous if you try to locate the phone yourself but it is in the wrong and dangerous hands. But what if you also did not configure your iphone with an email? The last alternative would be to hope that the person who stole your iphone will take a picture. It is even better if the person took a picture of himself with the iphone. The iOS 7 allows pictures taken to be synchronously updated with iCloud. You will instantly get the new pictures taken and also together with the information of the location of the picture is taken. This information can help a lot in retrieving back your iphone.

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  1. Hi pawan
    I lost my mobile samsung galexy fit. Please help me. I have used the phone only about a month and i need it back. My imei number is 359235041924472

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