Concept of Mobile Phone Location Finder

In this post, we will examine the concept and methods that can be used for mobile phone location finder. The first thing that we need to understand is that a smart mobile phone can be detected through GPS but it is rarely the case if you want to locate or find people. This is because GPS can be turned on or off. GPS also is not available on every phone. Even though almost all phones are now smart mobile phones, there is some who’s till use the good old fashioned cell phone. If we go to the basic of how a mobile phone works, mobile phone communicates through what we call as the cell phone network.

That is why they are also call ‘cell’ phones. In order for the phone to go mobile, they need cell tower that is located near them to transmit the data. The nearer the phone to the tower, the clearer the signal the phone will receive. Nowadays, almost all areas are covered by this cell towers and therefore the coverage is quite extensive. This is the same case, if the phone wants to receive calls. The phone must transmit data to the nearest cell tower so that the network operator can send the calls to your mobile phone regardless where you are as the cell tower is the one who is doing the job of identifying your mobile phone. So, by using this concept, people with the right software can detect the signal quality that is transmitted from your phone to the nearest cell tower. By triangulating the cell tower nearby your phone, it can approximately track where you are by measuring the signal quality transmitted by your phone by these three nearby cell towers. This method is called triangulation method. This method has been used by detectives and law enforcer in tracking certain criminals. However, this tracking people method is highly debatable as it infringes on the rights and privacy of people.