How to protect your data on phones

As many more people nowadays are able to own a smartphone, the more opportunities for a thief to be able to collect your private information. This is due to the fact that many people kept private information in their smartphones. Once your phones got stolen, the risks of identity theft is much greater compared to before. Just imagine, with all the information such as credit cards, transaction history, emails and also passwords are sometimes kept in the smartphones, this critical information can be stolen and used by irresponsible person who will take advantage and profit from this. 

So, how do you cover and protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft? For every owner of smartphones, you must use the security lock code feature in your phone. Do not use very easy number to hack such as 1234 or 9999. Use numbers that are only recognizable to you only. However, if you do not have that activated, the next best thing to do is to deactivate your phone from remote. Some smartphones have this feature such as iPhone. By using the Find My IPhone app, you can remotely lock your phone from being used once it got stolen. With android phone, you can also deactivate and lock your phone from remote using some apps such as Plan B and etc. Another precautious measure is by not storing your critical information in your phone but instead use cloud services. Therefore your information will only be accessible to you regardless whether your phone or laptop got stolen. So, the necessary steps are needed to make sure that the most priceless part of your smartphone; the data contained in the phones are safely being protected.

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