iPhone Can Now Track People

From the recent update of iOS 7 in iPhone, there is a feature added that can be used to track people. It is a feature that was incorporated in the compass app. The feature includes a Frequent Locations services. What will happen is Apple will collect the GPS coordinates obtained from the Frequent Locations shared from your iPhone to improve its Maps. The information is also used by Apple to improve the Geographical location from the resulting coordinates of your iPhone to for the improvement of Apple Maps.

The GPS technology that is embedded in the iPhone that helps you to navigate yourself to places is now also being used to provide data to Apple. However Apple does claim it collects the data based on anonymity. The problem with this is by giving your Frequent Locations to Apple, it is considered intrusive and also they will know where are your favorite hangouts or the usual place that you use to go. This data is very valuable to some companies and advertisers. They can collect the data and analyze the trend and also your lifestyle. It is interesting also that if the Government wants to keep track on some people and requested Apple to provide that information, will Apple provide the data? However you can choose to turn this off by going to Settings Privacy Location Services Frequent Locations and turn it off. However, if you decide to turn it off, your personalized location services settings for Find My IPhone will be automatically restored back if you set your iPhone to lost mode.

Find My Droid

Android phone are sometimes also known as droid phone. As Droid based phone are getting more and more popular nowadays, some people could not live without having his or her Droid phone close nearby. But how do you find your Droid if it got lost? But even with the all the security features set in the droid, sometimes the owner will misplaced the Droid phone and it is hard to find it.

The normal method people are using is just to call the lost phone from another phone and to find it once it is ringing. But, what if it is on silent mode? Devices nowadays are interconnected with the internet far more than before. With people now having more and more gadgets that they own, it is highly likely that these devices use some of internets cloud services. Due to the smart nature of an Android phone, there are several apps that you can use in this type of situation. If you own an Android phone and somehow was stolen or lost, you can use the Android Device Manager or in short ADM. The Android Device Manager basically shows where the location of your Android Devices in a map. There are also some apps that can be used to find your droid. Some of it is Plan B. Plan B will automatically detect the location of your phone and send an email to your Gmail telling the location. If you want to track it again, just borrow your friend’s phone and try locating your phone from there. It is a very simple step and would make sure you can trace your phone again.

Track Lost iPhone with iOS 7

For all iPhone users, there is an interesting feature in the latest iOS 7 with regards with tracking your phone. Part of the upgrade in the iOS 7 is that a password will always be required if you want to turn off the Find My iPhone in your device. What does this mean? Well this means if your iPhone got lost, the thief would not be able to turn off the Find My iPhone unless he or she knows your password.

And if the thief thinks he is clever and would want to erase your device to avoid being tracked, well the latest update in the iOS 7 also requires a password before he or she would be able to erase the device. The people in Apple call this feature the Activation Lock. So, whenever you got your iPhone lost, you will be guaranteed that you will be able to track your phone whenever it is being activated. The first step if you find your iPhone missing is to go to icloud.com/find. You can also use the Find my iPhone app from your friend’s iPhone or your iPad. You can then set your lost iPhone in Lost Mode and this will automatically set the device on a 4-digit passcode and also it will display a custom message with your phone showing on the device. As long as the device is set as Lost Mode, you will be able to track the location through the Find my Iphone app or using the iCloud. Once you get it tracked, please report it to your local police station. Do not attempt to retrieve it by your own as it may endanger your life.