How to Track Android Phone

As an Android phone are getting more and more popular nowadays, some people could not live without having his or her Android phone close nearby. However, sometimes the owner can sometimes misplaced the phone and will be panicky be searching for it. The normal method people are using is just to call the lost phone from another phone and to find it once it is ringing. But, what if it is on silent mode? Due to the smart nature of an Android phone, there are several apps that you can use in this type of situation.

For instance, if you have downloaded the Where’s My Droid app, it can force your phone to ring even though it is silent mode. Not just that, it can also force it to vibrate and also to light up its camera flash. If you use a soft ring tone where it is quite hard to spot the sound, it can force the phone to emit white siren noise. If all that fails, you can use the GPS features of your phone to send the location of your phone to another phone. If that also fails, you can actually force the phone to capture pictures and send it to your account for viewing. So, by looking at the force captured pictures, you can have a clue on where are the whereabouts of your phone. But, in the event that your phone got stolen, by using all this data you can collected, it is advisable for you to give this information to the police and let the police do the job of retrieving your phone. Do not put yourself in danger as Android phone can be replaced but your live is not.

19 thoughts on “How to Track Android Phone

  1. Hi, I have lost my samsung galaxy Star S5282 . Can i track my mobile phone through IMEI No. 352952/06/062226/9 Kindly help me.

  2. My phone is lost….12/01/2015 ….its brand name is samaung Gt 18190……..
    Imei no;;;;355236030353859 or
    359883006319319…………Where is my phone pls kindly …….contact me my phn no……01775963659

  3. Plz plzz help me sir …imei no.358094051157577…sony xperia z1 sir mob. No8109383509..and my contact no.8962278619

  4. My android cell phone has been lost to my hand…
    it is my mobile’s emi num… 357213/06/439895/9
    Can you please help me my phone was SM-G530H/DS GALAXY Grand Prime

  5. My android cell phone has been lost to my hand…
    it is my mobile’s emi num… 358312065451459
    Can you please help me my phone was 9060 GALAXY Grand neo

  6. Dear Team,

    Could you please help me to locate my lost mobile Sony Xperia Z3 having IMEI No. 356265062044226?

    Many thanks in advance.

  7. May you pliz kindly help me locate two of my Samsung GT S5301 mobile phones which were stolen IMEI Number :352974060003332 and 352974060003324.
    please help!

  8. I have lost my Lenovo A6000 mobile phone. Imei no- 869075026599078. Pls. contract my mobile no:- 9097082730

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