Track Phone Using ICCID Number

What is ICCID? ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. If IMEI number is used to identify your cell phone, the function of ICCID is to identify your SIM internationally. An ICCID number will consists of 19 to 20 characters. It is basically a unique serial number that represents the SIM that a user have subscribed. If you are an IPhone user, the quick way to know your ICCID is by opening settings -> General ->About. There you will find the unique ICCID number for your IPhone. ICCID is also normally physically printed on your SIM card.

So, how you can use this ICCID number to track your phone it was lost? By reporting the lost to your network operator, the network operator can help by tracing the mobile number that is linked to the ICCID. This is because ICCID is linked to the SIM inside the phone you have lost. However, if the thief have removed the SIM card, it might prove difficulty of the network operator to track. But the second backup would be to then give the IMEI number as the IMEI number is linked directly to your phone. However, if the network operators do manage to track your phone using ICCID via the SIM card, please report it to the police. Do not take action on your own as you do not know how dangerous the thief would be.

5 thoughts on “Track Phone Using ICCID Number

  1. Hi,
    I’ve lost my iPhone4s and because of your post i have hope to find it.
    My SIM is from China unicom. Did i understand your suggestion to call China unicom and ask them for help?? I don’t speak Chinese so i would ask the police to call them!
    Thanks in Advance!!

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