Mobile Number Tracker

In a mobile society nowadays, where people are getting extremely mobile, it is pointless sometimes to keep in touch with your friends just by knowing their home or office address. As people are getting mobile, the exact location of a people you know might know is not the same as always. So, how do you keep track of your friends or relatives just in case you want to know where they are? One method is to track through their mobile number.

How do you do this? There are several options available. Some of network operators do provide services for their subscribers to help locate your friend’s location using their mobile number. You can even use this service to see who your friends that are nearby. However, usually this service is permission based. You can only know the location if your friends allow you to. Another option is to use social media such as Google+ and Facebook function. Google+ and Facebook have the option of letting the people within their circle know where they are currently. Another option is to use apps. If you are an Android user, they are several apps that you can download for free and allows you track the mobile number of your friends such as Foursquare, Mobile number tracker and loopt apps. But what to do if you been harassed by an unknown number? First and easy option is to just type the number into Google. As people are now posting more and more personal online, it is quite possible you will be able to know who the person is by typing the number into Google search engine. You might stumble upon this person’s Facebook or Google+. But please take note that mobile number are basically kept private by people because they do not want their privacy to be invade. So, some of the methods listed will sometimes not work and it is a norm. You can only use mobile number to track people only if they allow you to do so.

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