How to Track a Cell Phone After You Lose it

Some users never anticipated that they will lose their phone. So they might not take any early preventive measures or install some apps that will help them track the phone once it is gone. They also do not even know what is their phones IMEI numbers are. So, what are the steps that they can take to recover their phones once it goes missing?

If you are an android user, you can actually download an app to your lost phones even though it is not with you anymore. As long as you have an account in Google Play, you can download the apps from the Google Play.

plan b

Once installed, Plan B will automatically detect the location of your phone and send an email to your Gmail telling the location. If you want to track it again, just borrow your friend’s phone and try locating your phone from there. It is a very simple step and would make sure you can trace your phone again.

Another alternative is to detect the IP address of your phone through your Gmail or Dropbox and check their last logged IP address. This is with the assumption that your lost phone is logged into the internet once it was stolen. You can report the IP adress to the police and let the police do the necessary action. Do not attempt to recover the phone by yourselves. You do not want to be putting yourself or anyone in danger.

10 thoughts on “How to Track a Cell Phone After You Lose it

  1. hello sir today 10/07/15 mobile lost my micromax A190 canvas HD plus. my mobile imei number dual sim 911369850723096 and 911369850824092 my mobile number +91-9944721507 please help me how to find my phone

  2. hellow sir.
    Greetings of the day.
    I have been through a mobile theft on 10/08/2015.
    the model was Micromax canvas nitro A311.
    EMEI is 911407302736801.
    number i was using in my lost mobile was 1> 7022035694
    2> 7250368349

    mu current number is 7022035693

    please do the needful to locate my stolen phone.
    thanks and regards.

  3. Hello sir plz help me I lost my mobile phone 21/10/2015

    Mobile details…..
    Intex aqaqu q5
    Imei number 911448150168192
    Thx sir…….

  4. Hi.. i have lost my honor 4x mobile on 2nd dec 2015. Its switch off now. May b the stealer changed the number. And i planned to install plan p app. But i cant pay from my card since it says cant use internationally. Please help how to trace it. Or any other apps to track imei number

  5. Hello Sir/Madam,
    Today i lost my mobile, someone stolen in bus, so please help me where my mobile is now
    IMEI number is: 911401504644624
    Thanks in advance!

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