Cell Phones transmit your location

Since most of people nowadays own a smartphones, they do not realize that they are walking around with a very talkative companion who keeps on talking to a transmission towers nearby and telling these towers where you are right now. The phone operator more or less could detect where you are in a range of a particular area. But if you have a GPS enabled phone, the accuracy of detecting your location is much more precise. With installed apps in smartphones nowadays, people are happily giving their location at the moment.

This collection of data by the apps developer or user can be used in a good way or also in a bad way. This is because the collection of data of where you are and where are the place you visited frequently could pose somewhat an security breach to your privacy. You will never know that probably a stalker or a stranger is studying your trends of whereabouts and planning for a crime. It is up to us to make sure we do not allow such things to happen. So, how do you make sure your talkative mobile companion keep its mouth shut? If you have an Iphone, just click on the general settings, and try to see if any location services apps are on. Just shut if off and the apps will stop sending any location details out. The same goes with any phones with androids. Just check the privacy settings and make sure all the apps are not sending info out unless you wanted it to.

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