Can Government track your phone?

Due to the recent PRISM expose, many would question if our cell phone can be traced by the Government whether we like it or not? The answer is yes, your cell phone can be traced by the Government and it can act as a very powerful surveillance technology by the Big Brother. It is recently uncovered that FBI already has a technology to force cell phones to register its phone number, serial number and location through a cell site simulator.

The Technology is called “Triggerfish”. So, if you remember in the movies where the characters were asked to avoid making any calls if they do not want to be traced? Well, this technology is even worse. They can even detect your phone even if your are not making any calls. You must remember that your cell phones is always communicating with the cell phone transmission tower regardless if you are making a call or not.

So, how you would know that you are being spied by the Government or someone else? First thing, you can check your data usage. If the data usage suddenly increase even though you are not using it, it shows that your phone have been communicating to something or third party services without your knowledge. Another quick way is to check your battery. If it suddenly was drained even though you just charged it, probably some program is actively being running behind and being transferring data actively without you authorizing it. So, the best way to not let your phone being detected is to leave it home or just pull out the battery.

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