Track Stolen Car Using Cell Phone

With the smart technology nowadays, you now can convert your phone into a homing device where you can track your car if it got stolen. This is basically an alternative to an anti-theft car system to protect your car. The only thing that you need to have is a cheap smartphone and a subscribed data plan. Some of the cheap smartphones available nowadays such as Nokia Lumia 610, Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 are affordable and cost around $150 to $200 dollars.

After that you will need to subscribe to a data plan. Just ask around your favourite network operator and ask them for the cheapest data plan that they can offer. This can range from $30 to $50 dollars per month. Now, once you have done all that, the next thing is to download an app that can track your phone accurately. One of my suggestion is the SeekDroid app. It cost around $4.99. There are many free location app that you can install. Google Map app can also be used as it utilized the GPS of your phone. SeekDroid has the feature of using a website to track your phone. Once you installed it, you need to sign up for the SeekDroid website where it requires you to have a username and password. Make sure you do not lose the username and password. Once all that has been done, all you need to do is just hide the phone in your car (Under the seat, inside the compartment glove etc.). Make sure you put it in silence mode and keep recharging it once a month depending on the phone battery that you used. And there you have it, a cheap alternative of a car tracking system that you can do it by yourself that requires probably less cost to install compare to a full blown anti-theft car system.

How to Track Android Phone

As an Android phone are getting more and more popular nowadays, some people could not live without having his or her Android phone close nearby. However, sometimes the owner can sometimes misplaced the phone and will be panicky be searching for it. The normal method people are using is just to call the lost phone from another phone and to find it once it is ringing. But, what if it is on silent mode? Due to the smart nature of an Android phone, there are several apps that you can use in this type of situation.

For instance, if you have downloaded the Where’s My Droid app, it can force your phone to ring even though it is silent mode. Not just that, it can also force it to vibrate and also to light up its camera flash. If you use a soft ring tone where it is quite hard to spot the sound, it can force the phone to emit white siren noise. If all that fails, you can use the GPS features of your phone to send the location of your phone to another phone. If that also fails, you can actually force the phone to capture pictures and send it to your account for viewing. So, by looking at the force captured pictures, you can have a clue on where are the whereabouts of your phone. But, in the event that your phone got stolen, by using all this data you can collected, it is advisable for you to give this information to the police and let the police do the job of retrieving your phone. Do not put yourself in danger as Android phone can be replaced but your live is not.

Track Your Phone Using Internet

Devices nowadays are interconnected with the internet far more than before. People nowadays are also wanting the ability to track the phone using Internet. With people now having more and more gadgets that they own, it is highly likely that these devices use some of internets cloud services. If you linked your smartphones with the Gmail app, it is possible for you to track down your phone if it got stolen or lost. This is because when the smartphones are being accessed through the internet, the Gmail app will detect the IP address and therefore you can use that information to roughly estimate where your devices located at are.

All you need to do is to log on to Once logged in you need to go to under accounts Security Recent Activity. There you will not just find related activities in relation to your Gmail but also other recent activity for all Google products that you have subscribed. So, if in case that your phone or even your laptop is stolen, whenever the phone or your mobile devices is connected to the internet, these google products will automatically trace the IP address of the internet connection that the devices used.
google ip

Other possible application to trace back your stolen devices is by using Dropbox. However, as this post is being published, they can only detect the IP address of your laptop only and not your cell phones. However, the same concept used and that is to detect back your lost devices by checking on the last IP registered. If you set the pictures to be automatically sync with your device, it would also help greatly if your phone has been stolen. If the thief does not wipe all the apps, and he or she start taking pictures, immediately you can see the pictures updated in your Dropbox. This will help you to some clue to where are the whereabouts of your phones and devices.