Tracking Your Phone Using Location-based Services

The Computer has evolved from the Mainframe Computing created in 1960s to Desktop Computing in 1990s and finally it is now evolving to Mobile Internet Computing. This was made possible because of the significant increase of computing power and also the miniaturization of some of the electronic components. The next decade will see the rise of mobile computing where smartphones and tablets are becoming much affordable.

We will witness more hardware and software being developed to further assists people in terms of connectivity and mobility. Social Media will benefit from this as flux of information will be channelled through this medium. One example of a Social Media platform who has taken advantage of this is the Foursquare app. Created in 2009, the app serves as a Location-based Social Networking platform for mobile device users. Users can check-in their current location or places of hangout and in the same time give reviews of the place or product. Users can also use this app to connect with friends nearby. As technology for Internet mobility becomes much more sophisticated, it is expected that a number of Location-based Social Media platform will also be developed.

Some of the famous location-based services are the Foursquare apps, Loopt and Google Latitude gives you real-time location to friends that decided to share their location with families and close friends. In the same time, this apps also share the information on the location their friends or families are such as the restaurants they are dining or the place they are hanging out. There are also hardware tools that are created such as Phone Halo Protect Tracker – Black that will help you to locate your phone based on sensor technology.

Tracking my kids phone

Living in this current world nowadays needs us parents to be always on guard of our kids. It is no longer the days you can just leave the kids alone without supervision. There is a need now to keep track where your kids are as bad things can happen to anyone. Even though there are critics saying that parents who are in close scrutiny of their kids will suffocate them, it is best to worry now than sorry later.

It is best than parents need to have that extra precaution to avoid or prevent any misfortune of losing their kids or worst being kidnapped. So, there is where technology comes into place. With smartphones and also the apps that come with it, there are many ways that a parent can track their kids.
Parental monitoring apps have been developed quite extensively lately due to the concern parents have for tracking theirs kids activity and where about. Parents now could actually track their kids phone call, text messages and also their contacts. Parents can also track their kids location and get alerted if the phone traveled to a certain areas. Parents can also put ‘fences’ to a certain location and if the kids phone travel outside this fences, the parents will be alerted. Parents can be very comfortable knowing where are their kids even though this can be quite invasive on the kids part. Some of the apps such Catch Me If You Can, Protect me if you can or Find my kids footprints are some of the available apps out there that can be install in your kids phone. When it comes to the privacy of your kids, there is some extent to the level of monitoring that you can do with your kids but it is better to be safe than sorry. This level of monitoring can be discussed with your kids and to let them know that it is of their best interest that a parent should know where they are to what extent their limit to freedom is.