Privacy Vs Smartphones

With the advancement of the cell phone technology, it now becomes mandatory for people to bring their cell phone to wherever they are. It lets you to be in a mobile mode and do activities that were once the domain of desktop computer such as surfing the internet, sending emails or reading ebooks.You can also find locations through your Google Map or GPS, and at the same time listen to your favourite music.

But this technology advancement comes with a price. You are no longer entitled to your privacy and your little precious smartphones are emitting signals telling where you are at that exact time and place. You are being spied and you are ok with it. When you carry your cell phone, the GPS chip inside your phone will always be sending signals to third party through Wifi or phone network. This signal tells exactly where you are. That’s why certain apps requires you to allow sharing of location for it to function. Be careful also to install certain apps that even share your location without you giving the permission to do so. The authority now does not need to put bugging devices to track people, knowing only your phone number is enough to track you down. With some apps installed that track downs your preferred routes, preferred locations to go to, and also where you usually shop, it is not possible that someone higher is monitoring your lifestyle and determine whether you are a threat to the nation or not.

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