Track your mobile phone using IMEI

So, you just got your mobile phone stolen. What to do next? Well, one of the ways to track your mobile phone is by tracking your phone’s IMEI. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. It is a unique number for every mobile phone that was manufactured. It has 14 to 15 numbers that represents your mobile phones ID. You can quickly know your phone unique IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your phone keypad.

Your phone will instantly show a string of numbers. This number represents the phones IMEI. The IMEI is usually used by GSM operator network to identify whether your phone is a valid device and not a clone one or a stolen one. GSM operator can actually stop the mobile phone that has an IMEI that was blacklisted. So, by blacklisting the IMEI, even though the thief changes the SIM of the phone, it will still cannot be used since the IMEI is unique to the mobile phone itself. So, make sure to remember your mobile phone’s IMEI and store it someplace safe. This will prove to be useful if your mobile phone do get lost. You can immediately use this IMEI number by calling your operator and tell them that your mobile phone got stolen or lost. By giving the mobile phones IMEI number, the operator will block that mobile phone form using the operator’s network. This will make the stolen mobile phone render less. But, if you decide locate your mobile phone yourself; there are a number of services or software available on the web. One of it is There are also many free software available. One of it is You can search the web for other free tracking devices for your mobile number.There are also apps that are sold specifically to locate phone such as Seekdroid. However, by using the IMEI number, your operator usually can do the tracking for you. Usually your network operator will ask for a police report before they can do the tracking of your mobile phone. So, lodge a police report and then give your mobile phone IMEI to the operator. Once, they have tracked the location of your phone, it is advisable that you should notify the police and let them do their job in retrieving it. Do not put yourself in danger.

Disclaimer:- This article provides information on how to track your phone using IMEI by various external methods. We do not provide any services or products to track your phone using IMEI.

37 thoughts on “Track your mobile phone using IMEI

  1. Dear Sir,
    IMEI No. 353255055378569 & 355207050755521, Nokia Mobile Lost Date:23.06.2014,Pls Check your system & help me.Awaiting your better reply.
    Best regards

  2. Dear Sir,
    This is to report theft/lost of my mobile phone model micromax A26 with IMEI No. 911367258218285 (or) 911307258218285, Sim – idea No. (9092463588) & 8GB Memory Card also. I lost my mobile on 01 December 2014 around 11 pm near lost on Thiruvannamalai vellither function. track my device and give me detail or block my IMEI pleas. thanks
    Looking Forward for your reply Sir :)

    My Email ID:
    I am from thiruvannamalai.

  3. Dear Sir,
    IMEI No. 354699061474574 & 354698061474576, Samsung Star Advance Mobile Lost Date:02.12.2014,Pls Check your system & help me.Awaiting your better reply.
    Best regards

  4. Hi
    I Lost my iphone on 3rd December 2014 in bangalore
    please help me find my phone .

    contact – 7022216789
    IMEI NO . 013851007114169

  5. Dear Sir,
    I lost my mobile, imei no -352159068935988.
    Pls check in your system, help me. I m awaiting your reply soon.


  6. Dear Sir,

    This is Y N V D ABHINAY KUMAR from Kothavalasa, Vizianagaram Dist, AP. I lost my mobile on 20th Dec 2014 i.e. Saturday, I lost my mobile in Garividi,Vizianagaram Dist, AP.
    Mobile Details:

    Model No: GT 19300
    IMEI Code: 353743052710793

    Sir, I kindly request you to take necessary action and do needful. I will be very thankful If u can find out my mobile.

  7. Dear sir my lost moto E IMEI no 353322068096123 and 2nd IMEI no 353322068096131 MSN R35AXW5M27 model no AP3256AE7K8 my mobile no 08695181596 pls sir track then reply sir your faithfully

  8. Please help me to trace my blackberry 8520 my imei number is 352773057580611 please send me a email if you can help me please thank you

  9. Dear sir
    i last my mobile micromax canvas a108 on jan 14 2015,
    please trace my imei nos
    911373400002159 and 911373400102652
    my phone no:9731558063

  10. Dear Sir,
    IMEI No. 351857068018553 Mobile Lost Date:12.01.2015,Pls Check your system & help me.Awaiting your better reply.
    recovery Mobile walton prime x3, imei 351857068018553
    jashim uddin

  11. Looking forward for your help to track my lost phone and get it back.
    IMEI No


  12. Dear Sir,
    This is to report theft/lost of my mobile phone model nokia 108 dual sim white colour with IMEI NO359600054820687 &359600054820695 please help me how can I found, my contact no. is 9425886608

  13. Dear admin….
    My phone was stollen by someone..
    I want to follow that by imei
    353550060787022 and 353550060287023
    Thank …

  14. Hi My son has lost my mobile IMEI 1: 911396150086957 and IMEI 2: 911396150241925. Please help me find the mobile

  15. pavan singh on 20.05.2015 at 9:50 pm

    Dear Sir.

    I have lost my samsung note 3 neo on 20.05.15
    IMEI number: 351665066905006.

    Looking forward for your help to track my lost phone and get it back.
    contact number- 9320087805

  16. I lost my new android phone ,
    IMEI: 911401504695303
    IMEI-2: 911401504731470

    please help trace down my phone.
    thank you

  17. I lost my phone yesterday on 20 may near virar. Its samsung galaxy A5. My IMEI no. is 356320662471976. Plz track my device n help me to find my mobile

    • Dear sir,

      I have lost my mobile IMEI no. 35537006522070

      pls kindly do the needful.
      S Venkatesan

  18. Sir, My mob phone missing on 22 Feb 15, samsung mob modle GT-E1282T, IME No 359364/05/108187/2, u r request find out above mention mob and info pl.

    Thanking u

  19. i was held at knife point my phone and money was stolen cant u help find the ph using my imei353964060445269

  20. I am Sabir Ali, resident of Sikandarpur(Plot no.40 ,Aravali Schar) want to inform you that, I had lost my mobile yesterday morning around 8:00 in my building parking in Sikandarpur, In mobile my there is lots of personal data and documents is stored which is very important , so I request you to please LODGE my complaint and help to trace the lost mobile accordingly.
    I Hope you will take necessary steps against same.

    Mobile Detailes:
    Handset : Redmi Note 4G (White Color Body)
    IMEI NO- 865980020906597
    Memory Card Inserted.

  21. I lost my Brand new unused huawei honor 6 mobile while shopping in departmental shop near by Shiv Murti Complex Mahipalpur. My mobile imei number is:865520022239041

  22. Dear Sir.

    I have lost my moto e 2 24.05.15
    IMEI number:353323065881178
    imei number:353323065886177
    Looking forward for your help to track my lost phone and get it back.
    contact number-7358287921
    plz help sir/madam

  23. Dear Sir,
    I have lost my Samsung mobile phone,

    My Name: – SURAJ BHAN
    Address: – 241/12 N.L.C. Babu Purwa,
    Kidwai Nagar Kanpur-208011
    Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562
    Make: – Samsung
    Last Used No.:-
    E-mail ID: –
    Missed Date: – 25/05/2015
    IMEI No.:- 358302056644352

    Suraj bhan

  24. dear sir i have lost my iphone4s in white colour 21/5/2015 its imei number is 013046009978071 pls help me i am very thankful to u

  25. Dear Sir,
    IMEI No. 351602064225707 & 351603064225705, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Mobile Lost Date:26-May-15,Pls Check your system & help me.Awaiting your better reply.
    Best regards
    Sonika Chauhan

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